2K20 MyTEAM Talks - Kobe Bryant Content

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I know I broke the wilt record a couple of times but that has been on rookie without endurance how r you guys doing this? I've never messed with any of the play calling stuff and I can't find anything online explaining how to really do it. I've the playbook and understand how to assign the drama to Kobe but do you mind describing how to really call it in nba2king game? Over movement in the menu then when you're in game press L1 along with the drama choices will appear and ought to be where Triangle has been now. Press triangle and it will start the play.

Not certain if that is the correct term but essentially just run into the wing and then hit on the thumb stick so he does a behind the back dribble and stops. It creates enough space on Guru Difficulty that you're wide open or marginally contested and then shoot. Sometimes they might double staff you if you're going back to back so if I see them all coming at me I run to the other wing and do it or keep running between the two. In case it gets intense place a pick and then do the stagger movement.

Do the reverse of what he explained lol you can sell pack contents available for MT, you can't sell the market cards and you have to buy a certain amount before you can even get great ones. On players from the sector that is token. Do not open the packs in the token market though, they're a scam. Only get the players that are bonded. If you don't understand where to find the token reward marketplace. Go to the Bundle Marketplace tab then go to rewards and start redeeming players. Unless you plan on doing the useless shit show grind that's Domination, I would not be worried about purchasing the token players.

I've received many PDs and Diamonds from the token packs. Worked for me at least. It has been by far the most profitable way for me personally. If you get a PD Kawhi or Carmelo from the Lin packs you can sell those for a pretty penny. Maybe I just have good luck. This late in the year seeking to mill to the Opal tier is not worth the investment. Plus after filling out this collection we get another 75 tokens and you may sell most of those cards for great value. Just 4 of them are 1-3k mt the rest are 10-100k mt that to get a brand new account is definitely worth.

I started myteam per month ago and up til today did not spend one token on packs. After all the tokens I obtained from the Kobe spotlight I purchased a bunch of packs and pulled a pd melo. I feel like that late in the season it might be better just purchasing packs with tokens instead of grinding throughout the tiers.I only started this past Thursday and have spent 30 tokens on two Lin packs expecting for that melo or kawhi haha Havent spent tokens any other time, I got shumpert and Chandler and I want to keep trying for that melo but I don't want invest 160 tokens and not get him.

Go to your Lights Out. They are just six a bit, I was able to pull all the cards except for PD Peja and Arenas, purchased them like 22K and finally have a PD Klay Thompson to go with them, and that's ahead of the 160, I just spread them out between multi deminsoinal and the 10 token packs since I am trying to attain goat collector Buy NBA 2K21 MT. This Klay is quite outdated and not even worth the 45-50k you spent on him. Locking in sets at this stage of NBA 2K20 is not a good idea whatsoever. There are numerous choices better compared to the klay for more affordable such as the new PD Micheal Redd. I don't think opening the packs are worthwhile.