A question about the wellbeing of RuneScape

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RS is an awesome game. You ignore or can participate, participate in mtx you want OSRS Money. I frankly believe the issue with RS3 lies in Jagex's unwillingness to supply updates and revamps to dead content, create more quests, mend graphical inconsistences, create the port more new-player friendly, eliminate buying xp/dailies since it totally destroys xp integrity, etc. These are only my own person feelings towards what's wrong.

Additionally Jagex is sometimes never right and extremely inconsistent. They'll say it's coming in Winter 2017 for this to arrive towards Summer of 2020. They won't acknowledge that their choices for RuneScape are occasionally terrible and instead just work it feels like they discount for the most part. Idk I believe they manage RuneScape horribly. It is not a hate comment I'm just speaking as someone who has had more than enough time to track the decisions of Jagex. we are, although I like or do not agree most of them.

Their biggest problems come in how matters are run by management and the shareholders tell them to run things. The most important problems of jagex stem from their present management philosophy. They prioritise profit per man hours spent on development, which means that nearly all content is underdeveloped and there is hardly any post-release support for patches and smaller QoL upgrades since management determines the amount of money and time spent on those sorts of upgrades won't be left back, which is not entirely incorrect, but it's very shortsighted.

By way of instance, the community has spoken constantly about the problems with rock spirits, however, it is not stopping players from participating in content, folks are still doing as much slayer and PvM as they were before the mining and smithing rework, fixing it will not have a significant enough impact on the playerbase to create more people buy subscriptions to take part in the material, nobody is stopping and cancelling their subscriptions because of it, therefore in the opinion of direction, it's not worth the time to fix it, so that they tell the programmers to ignore it and continue working on different projects. It is also why when a brand new upgrade breaks articles, if management doesn't think that it's worth fixing, they won't let it is fixed by the developers.

On the other side, though mtx has shown there are a significant amount of people who will cancel their subscriptions and move on for this, the players who buy into mtx invest enough money to not only offset the reduction in subscriptions earnings buy OSRS gold, but earn more revenue overall than if they did not implement mtx, and the fact is that most individuals who leave RuneScape due to mtx will move onto OSRS, thereby continuing their subscriptions, so the actual loss is very minimal. What this results in is often broken or even downright imperfect content (looking in the raids) at which a lot of the broken parts will never be addressed.