Individuals who play MyCareer but stick to single player NBA games

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Individuals who play MyCareer but stick to single player NBA games

With how unrealistic it's as a basketball sim, me just frustrate. I get that MyTEAM is assumed to be a fantasy sim but are overpowered and dumb. I would like to make competitive teams of my favourite players through history in NBA 2K21 MT Coins their true ability level, not need to play 7'7 Bol Bol with a + 3 point shooting. MyCareer is equally frustrating because most people simply jack up contested shots and fret about their own stats. Id like a redesign along with a better matchmaking mode of this teammate grading. Should be a lesser penalty for defensive breakdowns brought on by switching and a higher bad shot punishment.

For the first few years of enjoying 2K games that I was an offline career fashion man I would make a superb athlete and go crush the league for a few seasons chasing records and among the first things I did when I got each new game was move in and turn"game speed" around about 61-63 which provides a much more real sense to NBA 2K but currently in 2K20 I am all in this mycareer mode and in online you cant mess with any settings in any way. To me it looks like were playing water polo oh my god NBA 2K moves so slow in regular speed along with your guys looking like a bay view scene running court.

I have NBA 2K since quarantine began, I have only played the single player content largely since I am nervous to play online because of the caliber of my group, but I am still having a blast. 2K is quite rewarding for f2p individuals in comparison to madden/fifa (games have changed more than ).Could you elaborate what makes you believe it's shit? I have started playing some days ago, and I am having a great time whenever I perform with my friends. Though, solo queuing for the REC is hell, since there are only point-guards who maintain the ball and kill NBA 2K rather than creating it. Otherwise, I think it's fantastic. It has made me the kind of players who play games (I'm more of a FPS man ).

98% I perform my career nba games, and I really think that they made a good balance, you don't have to grind, only play enjoy, story was brief, I love a few cutscenes after NBA 2K. I just wish there were more play off and all star cutscenes, that is the sole problem where they did not put any effort, and I know HoF difficulty is directly cheating and cheesing but still find it interesting enough to not lower it down.

Individuals who play MyCareer but stick to buy 2K21 MT single player NBA games