I have to vhard and the bosses are giving a hard time to me

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I have to vhard and the bosses are giving a hard time to me

Just to clarify one thing, Expeditions (Free Fields in JP) only send one to the Campship straight away in the event that you select"Search in meseta pso2 Multi Blocks" when beginning the mission. This matters because you're able to take a mission, select start in this Block, do the customer order option in which you pick orders that are pertinent to your mission, and then instantly reselect the Expedition, Urgent Quest, whatever, and then pick Mukti block from the counter (it will only confirm you want to abandon the pursuit you already started). This way you only get orders that apply to your mission. You are able to select whether block or multi is chosen by default in preferences.

Strategies for bouncer?

I have to vhard and the bosses are giving a hard time to me. Trash is easy to clean but the only reason I am surviving boss encounters is from iron automate and will and I generally run through my supply in one fight even with megiverse and resta. I may use my subpalette and only got my control so subpalette swaps and weapon ring are fast and easy to work with macros but I don't understand when to use the skills. I have what should my plan be for supervisors although the two concentrate the iframe skills in the bouncer tree as well as skills and am likely to max dash plus from the hunter tree? Which techs are best to set to the sub floor palette for element changing?

I basically just try to charge up my estimate in jet boots mode and attempt to kick when jet boots skill is active and switch to soaring blades using its active but I'm having trouble managing my iframes and am basically spamming skills without understanding what I am doing in these fights. For blades, I attempt to search for openings for kestrel blade since that appears to be the highest burst for soaring blades, but I am finding it difficult to use. What if my plan be with soaring blades in boss fights? I've observed vids but they largely examine the basics of what the skills do but maybe not too much on when to use them and there's so much nuance when airborne vs ground, chained in a combo, in utilizing the abilities.

And animation canceling with shift action and jumps that I'm finding the class much higher ability cap than I thought. I am still having a blast with Phantasy Star Online 2 and also the difficulty spike was surprising but I am happy it is challenging. Think about checking out the guide of Ryuutensei, it should answer most of your queries. So that I can not help you out with this I really don't play gamepad for bouncer. I'll reply as best as I can although I'm not very experienced with bouncer techs for jet boots should be achieved after a PA, if you have the Jet boots ring which allow you to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta bill up to 50% quicker.