They reveal a number of marked differences but are still clearly within the exact same family tree

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They reveal a number of marked differences but are still clearly within the exact same family tree

However, due to they can't anticipate evolutionary modifications that are extreme in the ecosystem of Ragol. The similarities you can see between the pso2 sales wolves, apes and rappies from the woods are present and appear to be related even though they obviously show a number of differences. For contrast, we know that orangutans and gorillas are sorta related as apes. They reveal a number of marked differences but are still clearly within the exact same family tree. I believe that the differences we see are inside the bounds of divergence.

I also want to bring up what happened to it anywhere in Episode 1 or that there is no mention of Pioneer 2. This further supports the concept that the governing powers are trying to conceal the threat that Dark Falz gifts while also hoping to cover up the huge loss of life that they were partially responsible for. Not only does the indigenous fauna of Naverius encourage the idea that we're fighting Ragol renamed, but also the context of this story where ARKS only managed to defeat Dark Falz following an intense loss of life by Pioneer 2 and 1.

Explanations in Episode two make it doubtful that this Oracle Fleet's folks may be descendents of Pioneer II or its parent's culture. Pioneer II had fundamental tactics and photon weapons, but photon technology wasn't understood to the Oracle Fleet before a study ship found Xion, who taught them, along with her guidance the original Photoners became incredibly powerful. Pioneer II would have to get broken from the fleet after the discovery of Xion, and then lost some of its photon technology like photon arts.

I think that the history of Pioneer 1 and 2 separate themselves enough to describe that. Pioneer 1 and 2 were sent out as ancient scouts for habitable worlds. Ragol itself was one of the possible worlds scouted for Pioneer 1 and habitation was shipped out with Pioneer two, as first wave closely behind with the primary wave. Pioneer 1 was deconstructed and used as building material for Pioneer two and the colony orbited Ragol during the occasions of PSO. I feel that the photoners, those who seen Xion, were part of another Pioneer boat (we will say 3 to the sake of caution ) and that lead to the growth of this Oracle Fleet.

Pioneer 3 is likely what was upgraded into the Oracle Mothership and allowed it to salvage the rest of the culture the Pioneer ships were intended to save. Given Luther's standing, it indicates the photoners could be equivalent. It'd fall in line with the technologies on Pioneer 1 and 2 as well as Xion being the advancement catalyst for what we use now. Spoilers Dark Falz out of PSO2 derive their power. The Profound Darkness is a clone of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Xion. The Dark Falz from Ragol was there for centuries.